Keep your jewels looking their best by following the below care tips. 

18ct Vermeil:
Vermeil jewellery, also known as semi-fine jewellery, is a term used to describe when sterling silver has been coated with a 2,5 micron surface covering to give it a gold finish. Vermeil is a lot more durable and longer lasting than standard plating, being up to 10x thicker, and is less likely to cause skin allergies. However, please note that it still isn't permanent and does wear depending on the acidity of a person's skin as well as the amount of care taken when worn.
We are all different so some people’s pieces may fade more easily than others. When wearing your vermeil jewellery, please avoid contact with soap, sunscreen, creams, perfume and other harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and hand sanitizer. Please also ensure that you take your piece off before washing your hands, showering or exercising as this can add to the colour fading.
Be sure to store all of your pieces separately, in a cool dry place, so as to avoid them scratching and your chains from tangling. The Sadie + Jean jewellery box received with each purchase is the ultimate storage place so please keep these and re-use them. 
But don’t stress! If the colour does fade over time, there is a solution as we offer one free re-plating on all vermeil purchases and thereafter at a fee of R150. Please note that all courier fees will, however, be at your own expense. 

Although our enamel pieces are much more long lasting than our vermeil pieces, we do advise that caution is taken when exposing these items to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and perfume, as well as to avoid contact with soap, sunscreen and creams. Please ensure that you take your piece off before showering or exercising as this can add to the colour fading.


Due to the delicate nature of gemstones, we advise that your piece is cleaned by a professional jeweller once a year or by using a soft lint-free cloth. 

Stones are prone to scratching. Please take care when storing and wearing pieces with gemstones, including diamonds.


Please follow the below cleaning instructions for framed items -

1. Lint Free Cloth (Yellow Handy Andy cloths work best) 
2. Soapy Water (Sunlight Soap Only)

Take the cloth and soak in soapy water, rinse thoroughly so that the cloth is just damp, not dripping with water. Rub cloth gently over the surface area of the frame. Do not scrub. Once clean, rinse the cloth in clean water and wipe gently over the surface to remove any soapy residue. Leave to dry.

NB: Do not use any harsh cleaning products or abrasives to clean. 


Please note that we cannot take responsibility for pieces that have been damaged due to neglect. However, should a piece break due to a manufacturing fault we will happily replace and repair the item.