Saint D'Ici

The Horticulturist

R 1,200
The wonderful moist, earthy, sweet and green scent of a greenhouse. The deep, mossy scent of wood in the base makes this parfum d’ambience particularly attractive. 

Fynbos, Patchouli, Oakmoss 

There are two ways of diffusing our parfums d’ambience: with reeds and by burning.

If diffusing with reeds, remove the screw cap and place the reeds inside the bottle. Turning the reeds upside down regularly will keep the parfum d’ambience diffused in the space. If using in an essential oil burner, be sure to place the parfum d’ambience in the container before lighting a flame, as it is flammable. 

This option includes the ceramic flacon, as pictured. The beautiful handmade ceramic vessel is reusable. Once your parfum d'ambience is at its end, you can simply buy a refill and place it in the flacon. This is a much more sustainable way of packaging and shipping perfume.  It also makes a very lovely bud vase should you choose to use it in that way.

Delivery Time: 3 - 5 working days